Thursday, August 21, 2014

Press Release

New App Does Something that Google Cannot Do

New Paradigm – Automatically connect advertisers to buyers by telephone when they are ready to buy

Murrieta, CA, August 19, 2014: Yellow Magic Incorporated, a global provider of print and electronic directory publishing and local search solutions for the Yellow Pages Industry, announced today that the company is preparing to launch a new app called Call-Me-Quick where a buyer states what he needs, and in moments receives calls from sellers of that product or service. 

Ron Mintle, CEO of Yellow Magic Incorporated states, “A big advantage of Call-Me-Quick over Google is that the user does not have to take the time to search, go through the results, choose some results, and then call them to see if they can supply what the user wants.  With Call-Me-Quick, the system automatically selects and calls suppliers and tells them what the user wants, and if they can supply the product or service needed, they are connected to the user.  This means that the user only talks to suppliers who already know the user’s needs and can supply it.”

Sam Pretorius, Yellow Magic’s Director of Development added, “Another big advantage of a local app over Google is that the results are high quality.  Your reps have talked to them so you know that they are in business, are properly classified, and the information is current.”

In a discussion with Paul Duffy, Yellow Magic’s Regional Sales Manager, Mr. Duffy pointed out the importance of being able to track usage of an app.  He noted that publishers and national advertisers get to see who was called, how many times, from where, and if the advertiser responded.

Yellow Magic is in the process of signing up publishers nationwide.  Mintle continued, “With Call-Me-Quick, there is one app, with one user interface that can have the quality of local listings, all over the United States.  Each publisher that participates gets their data added to the database that yields the results for any user in the immediate area.  That means that when a user travels from one publisher’s area to another, he still gets quality results.  Where no participating publisher has advertisers, a national database is searched so that the user always gets results.”

Duffy already has a number of publishers getting ready for the big social media and other promotional media blitz that will occur with the formal launch, and we are in the process of refining the database.  And due to the fact that there is almost no risk to include your advertisers (only 10 cents per advertiser per month to be included in the search results and only pennies for completed calls), it is a no-brainer to deliver highly qualified leads, branded to your company, and for a very small fraction of the cheapest of Google AdWords!

Duffy is quick to ask. “Can Google do that?”