Thursday, August 12, 2010

Introducing the iRag...

We're very excited to introduce the iRag & gRag to you!

These two products may look very alike, but we can assure you that supporters of the iRag say that it is "a truly magical and revolutionary product".

On the other hand fans of the gRag say that all the iRag does, the gRag does & then some, since the gRag is based on open-foam technology which gives you more access to the gRag innards.

Reviewers report that although the iRag cleans up the competition, it could be a little spotty in some areas. Users of the gRag report no such problems, replying with ad campaigns that claim "There's a rag for that!".

The iRag CEO retorted "It is the best wiping experience you've ever had. ... It's unbelievably great ... way better than a ragtop. Way better than a smartwipe."

While the gRag team's marketing strategy has been markedly more low-key than the iRag, they're steadily adding cleaning applications & reportedly has started to out-sell the iRag in retail outlets.

Whichever you choose, the iRag or gRag, here at Yellow Magic we use both.

While this blog entry might have been a little humorous and tongue-in-cheek, we'd thought we would let you know that we're working on applications for all the "truly magical and revolutionary products" such as the iPad, iPhone & Android devices.

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NOTE: Although this blog is based on true events, the product names & quotes have been altered to protect the innocent.