Tuesday, March 16, 2010

YelloTouch Released Today!

YelloTouch utilizes a realistic page-turning display environment in which entire directories can be downloaded, searched, and viewed on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.
Publishers can e-distribute their directories using the Apple Apps Store and users can download the directories for free. Not only does this create a new distribution channel, but maybe more importantly, it gives them an alternative to offer when someone says they would like to opt-out. They could say “If you do not want to receive a printed directory, how would you like to receive one on your iPhone?”.
It provides new sales opportunities and creates a competitive advantage.
It saves money for there are no printing costs, no books to distribute, and no recycling concerns.
Users can see the whole book, including the covers, inside covers, community pages, tabs, all white pages sections, and of course, the yellow pages.
The system is independent of the publishing system used to create the directory. Simply send us your PDF files.
See a video of the Hagadone Directories North Idaho May 2009 - 2010 directory by going to http://www.yellotouch.com where you will find the YouTube video.