Wednesday, April 23, 2014



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Connecting Buyers and Sellers

in Moments

Call-Me-Quick is an app where a buyer selects what he needs, and in moments, receives calls from sellers of that product or service. The app shows popular categories for one-touch selection as well as a search box to find other yellow pages categories. 

When a category is selected, the user has an opportunity to state exactly what he wants, the three closest sellers in proximity to the user are selected, and the system simultaneously places automated calls to the selected suppliers. The suppliers receive the calls and hear an announcement that the publisher has someone who needs the product or service and to please press * if they would like to be connected. When a seller pushes *, a call is made back to the user and the seller is connected. 

The user can see which sellers were called and monitor the progress of these calls. Moreover, they will see other nearby sellers that they can manually dial.


If the caller is in an area that is covered by a subscribing publisher, the search is made against the publisher supplied database. But if the area is not covered by a subscribing publisher, the results will be chosen from a national database. 

When a call is placed to a publisher‘s advertiser, the announcement will tell the business that the call was generated from the publisher’s directory.

The Call-Me-Quick app will be available nationwide on the app stores. 

  • Promotes your directory by telling the business that the call was generated by you
  • Users get what they need – fast
  • Use a single app that works everywhere in the US.
  • Generates real-time sales leads for your advertisers and provides you with tracking data to know what calls the app generated.
  • Sales leads are generated and responded to in real-time and the publisher gets the credit for making the connection
  • Promotes usage of your directory
  • Generates good will
  • New revenue potential 
  • Publishers can see when and where the app was used and can download an activity report that details all calls.


  • One-touch dialing for urgent situations
  • Search for urgent categories
  • The user can choose to describe exactly what he/she needs and the business will hear it 
  • Provides you with a national app that works with your data when the user is local and uses a national database when they are not in your publishing area
  • Available as Apple and Android apps
  • By including only businesses that advertise with you, you are providing added-value and more incentive to advertise
  • User can use their current location or choose the center of proximity to sellers

Monetizing Call-Me-Quick

Here are many ways to turn Call-Me-Quick into profits, but here are a couple of ideas. First, sell participation in the service for a dollar or two a month. Or, use it as an incentive to buy advertising and include it for anyone that buys a quarter column or more.

The goal is to increase awareness that your directory is delivering qualified leads and to augment revenue with an advertising product that is easy to explain and easy to sell.