Friday, June 25, 2010


We recently learned about a useful sales tool for the Yellow Pages Industry created by Kuk, Baldwin that we are sharing with Directory Publishers.

With all the new Yellow Pages publishing applications and advertising platforms recently created to maximize local search for advertisers, it is often difficult for the small business owner and entry-level sales reps to get a grasp how all this new technology, when combined with the print product, benefits a business owners’ local exposure and increases foot traffic and sales.

Kuk, Baldwin has created a website, "Sell4Search" (Educating Your Advertisers) that features informative animations of several important topics.

Sell4Search is a new and extensive website packed with business-specific information and animated presentations aimed at small business advertisers and dealing with local advertising strategies and issues. The website content relates to all media, including local search – but also has a strong bias towards the value of Yellow Pages in the media mix.

As a publisher participating in this program, you would have your own individualized web page as a portal to the system – and you’d have blocks of passwords to distribute (on your terms) that will let your advertisers access all of the content. And because they update content and add new features periodically, the site is DYNAMIC to keep advertisers coming back. Major benefits include using Sell4Search as an added incentive to buy into the rep’s recommendation, and to demonstrate key sales concepts.

To view a 4 minute segment from one of the animations, click here.

To sample the extent of the content coverage so far, click here then scroll down the panel on the Kuk, Baldwin website that is headed “Educate Your Advertisers”.

Congratulations to Kuk, Baldwin for creating this valuable tool that not only reminds Yellow Pages advertisers about the importance of advertising–but also the fundamentals of How it Works!