Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Search Your Local Yellow or White Pages Directory on Kindle and Nook Readers

Yellow Magic Incorporated Launches YelloReader Technology for White and Yellow Pages Directory eBook Publishing for Nook and Kindle Readers

Search Your Local Yellow or White Pages Directory on Kindle and Nook Readers

Murrieta, CA. (August 4, 2011)  With the advent of Amazon already outselling print with electronic books, Yellow Magic Incorporated strategically developed YelloReader Technology for Yellow Pages Directory Publishers, formatting directories for the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle eReaders.

“While Amazon and Barnes and Noble have been benefiting from surging sales of Kindle and Nook reader devices, the demand for more eBooks has also increased,” said Ron Mintle CEO of Yellow Magic. “We felt compelled to create a program that formats a white and yellow pages directory book for both top-selling Nook and Kindle readers, in which they could also be distributed electronically on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble platforms,” commented Mintle.

“YelloReader will format a directory’s’ complete list of headings to select from, yellow or white listings, images and display ads. The devices already support search and the ability to create bookmarks, making the eReaders perfect devices for the Yellow Pages and Directory Publishing Industry,” adds Sam Pretorius, Director of Program Development.

“The YelloReader technology formats the directory content and graphics for the Kindle and the Nook, and opens up more channels for electronic directory distribution on Amazon and Barnes and Noble platforms for publishers,” said Mintle.  

“YelloReader also offers an easy way for publishers to be able to just post a free download link of their eReader-formatted directories on their own website, giving consumers both download and device choices,” said Pretorius.

“With Amazon lowering the price of the Kindle and electronic books projected to surpass print books within 2-3 years, clearly eReaders are a critical mass to respect and follow,” commented Mintle.

According to Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney, the Kindle alone has increased sales 200% compared to the same period last year.

“Other exciting aspects of reaching this fast-growing demographic of eReaders is that both the Nook and the Kindle continue to upgrade their functionality and programming of each device to include color screens, streaming video, email, social network sharing, movie service, games, and the ability to share content.  As they begin competing with smart tablets, they become a very affordable and popular hybrid,” noted Pretorius.  

"Whereas not everyone can afford an iPad or Android tablet, the ultra-mobile and much lower priced eReaders appear to have struck a chord with a much wider demographic that has the potential of making the electronic book reader as ubiquitous as a cellphone.  The exciting opportunity for the publishing industry is that this can extend their distribution reach.  Not long ago there was the almost iconic image of a phone on top of a directory in each home, and now the other day I saw a cellphone resting on a Kindle in a coffee shop, that's where we are heading," observed Pretorius.

Kindle and Nook publishing solutions for the Yellow Pages Directory Publishing Industry:

Kindle YelloReader http://bit.ly/oRun3I  
Nook YelloReader  http://bit.ly/p3wjqU 

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