Monday, April 18, 2011

First Time Ever White Pages Published on Kindle!

Just very recently our Programming department has been able to publish a White Pages Directory on a Kindle.

The Amazon Kindle is infinitely sold beyond any mobile device.

 With quiet reporting of over 5-9 million devices sold, coupled with their Mobile Kindle reader applications for the iPad, iPhone, Android, Black Berry et al, and Smart phones everywhere in the world, they are clearly the device leader. Now Reporting:  the Kindle is Amazon's #1 seller of all items on their platform, and Amazon reporting a total of 999 million dollars in sales...almost a billion.

Yellow Magic Incorporated is announcing their new application to take a White Pages Directory and  format it for the Amazon Kindle and Kindle reader mobile apps to be able to publish a White Pages directory with all its listings, and logos, ads, etc on Kindle and Kindle wide-area mobile apps.

The significance is that a White Pages directory can now be distributed for pennies, electronically, to millions of new users, and have the Kindle basic functionality of zooming in, enlargening the fonts, see all the listings, save as Bookmarks, plus Search any key word or name, address, phone number or listing.

No doubt, Yellow Pages advertisers will want to buy more White Pages space to receive this kind of unbelievable distribution.  The Kindle mobile apps are free, and there are NO download fees like Android and Apple platforms.

Contact Yellow Magic for more information at sales [at]

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

YelloTouch Editor, Edits Digital YelloTouch Yellow Pages Directories Published on Apple and Android Mobile Platforms Year Round for Advertisers and Users

  Press Release

YelloTouch, Apple and Android Publishing App for Directory Publishers Adds New YelloTouch Editor, for Live, Year Round Directory Editing

New YelloTouch Editor, Edits Digital YelloTouch Yellow Pages Directories Published on Apple and Android Mobile Platforms Year Round for Advertisers and Users

Murrieta, CA  April 6, 2011 –Yellow Magic Incorporated, a global directory publishing software solutions provider, announced the release of a new digital editing tool for YelloTouch, an Android and Apple app that publishes an electronic replica of a printed yellow pages directory.  The YelloTouch Editor allows publishers to refresh their current YelloTouch apps with new content year round such as including new splash pages, creating hot links within in an advertisers’ display ad, links to websites, emails, maps, coupons or menus and other audio video media.

Ron Mintle, President of Yellow Magic also points out, “Already having the capability to produce a real replica of a printed directory with touch page-turning on the Apple and Android platforms is a major coupe for our industry, but adding the YelloTouch app’s editor, YelloTouch Editor, gives the publisher incredible flexibility to continue to add advertising revenue and fresh content to the directory year round. The YelloTouch Editor will allow you to even replace whole pages with fresh ones and you may add new splash pages for advertisers or update existing ones,” said Mintle.

Sam Pretorius, Director of Program Development commented, “YelloTouch Directories provide the look and feel of a real printed directory, complete with white pages, yellow pages, tabs, government information etc…with zoom in and robust search for anything in the book, but now we are able to take a directory yellow pages app and update it even after it is published on the mobile platforms. What makes this even better is that the updates will automatically be refreshed when the user launches the app with an Internet connection– there is nothing more a user must do to get the new content.”

Paula Menard, Director of Marketing added, “The YelloTouch Editor helps pull in more relevant new content that may be seasonal or part of an advertisers’ new marketing campaign.  Most apps do not have the ability to update downloaded content, but YelloTouch Directories offer that with the YelloTouch Editor for directory publishers to use, as they wish and as they go.”

Patrick Wallin, Lead program developer noted, “There are several editing options that are easy to use that include making any spot hot, anywhere on the page.”
Company Description
Yellow Magic Incorporated is a global supplier of software solutions for directory publishers. Our software has been licensed to more than 170 publishers for directory production for 54 countries and in 24 languages. Supported publishing formats include both Print and Electronic (Internet, CD-ROM, and Mobile) directories. The software helps reduce costs, errors and overtime, while improving quality and increasing productivity and revenue. The software suite includes Sales Management, real-time Sales-Force Automation, Pagination, Data Verification, Contract Entry, Billing, Collections, Free Listing Management, Font Management, Quality Control, and Extensive Reporting along with Ad Tracking, Customer Relations Management, and Directory Distribution.