Friday, May 13, 2011

Press Release: White Pages Directories Published on a Kindle

Press Release

White Pages Directories Published on a Kindle

White Pages Directories can be published on an Amazon Kindle and Kindle Readers
Murrieta, CA, May 13, 2011:  Yellow Magic Incorporated, a global provider of print and electronic directory publishing software solutions for the Yellow Pages Industry, announced today that the company has successfully published a White Pages Directory for Kindle and for Kindle Readers. 
The new application was designed to target users of the Kindle, which is Amazon’s number one seller on the entire platform. Amazon is reporting significant growth this year and their total sales are reported as reaching a billion dollars.
Ron Mintle, CEO of Yellow Magic Incorporated states, “There is an estimated 9 million Kindles sold so far, and with the advent Kindle Readers for almost all platforms including mobile devices, such as Apple, Android, and BlackBerry, and for Window, MAC, and Linux users, the usage figures greatly compound.”
Sam Pretorius, Director of Program Development said, “We have been able to take a White Pages Directory and format it for the Amazon Kindle and Kindle Reader applications to be able to publish a White Pages directory with all its listings, and logos, ads, etc. on Kindle and Kindle readers".

The significance is that a White Pages directory can now be distributed for pennies, electronically, to millions of new users, and have the Kindle’s basic functionality of zooming in, enlargening the fonts, see all the listings, saving Bookmarks, plus Search any key word or name, address, phone number or listing.

No doubt, Yellow Pages advertisers will want to buy more White Pages space to receive this kind of unbelievable distribution and new exposure.  The directories are easy to download like any other Kindle book on Amazon, and not only can it be a new revenue source for directory publishers, but it is also an alternative to expensive directory assistance services for users,” said Mintle.

Headquartered in Murrieta, CA USA, Yellow Magic Incorporated is one of the leading global providers of Yellow Pages Industry publishing software, services and solutions.

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